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Revolution or evolution is schools?

Change Management in Schools


The seminar is intended to school principals, as well as everyone in the educational system wishing or having to introduce changes.  


To understand changes in the educational system and learn how to manage them.


After the seminar, the attendes will know which changes take place, who are the initiators of changes and which are the necessary conditions for a successful implementation of changes. They will be capable of defining the participants in changes and stakeholders. They will get to know the basis of communication with the stakeholders. They will master at least three models for change management. They will have the insight into the change planning, communication and motivation. They will be able to differentiate individual, organizational and system changes, as well as to distinguish between people managing and guiding and their paradoxes.


  • They expect you to introduce changes, but you do not understand why or how?
  • Your colleagues are for changes, but they expect you to tell them what and how to do it?
  • You have changed everything necessary, but the problems remained?
  • It is not clear to you why people oppose the changes that are for their benefit?
  • There has been resistance to a change from those you expected the least?
  • Your superiors do not understand that the change is necessary?


It is necessary to have experience in working in projects or working groups in the educational system.


In the form of a lecture, it lasts for 90 minutes and consists of a lecture with examples.
In a form of a seminar, it lasts for a day and consists of a series of lectures with examples and discussions.
In a form of a workshop, it lasts for two days and after the lecture each unit is exercised in smaller groups or plenary.


The lecturer’s presentation materials are used in lectures. The attendees obtain the presentation materials from the lecture for their usage, and the additional materials on the individual techniques or methods, as well as various auxiliary instruments for the preparation and guiding of changes.


The seminar is conducted in Croatian


Role of the school principal


  • Changes in society, technology and education
  • Why education reforms have no success
  • Error in change introduction
  • Types, causes and initiators
  • Participants in changes and their roles and interests

Models for change management

  • LGIM
  • 8P

Individual changes

Organizational changes

System changes

Change management techniques

  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Basics of project management

Managing and guiding

  • Differences
  • Paradoxes


 Predrag Pale has initiated and managed various projects: from completely small ones to the ones at a national level, from short-term ones to long-term ones, in most different areas of human activities. All of these projects have started major or minor changes. These initiatives have been faced equally with uncritical supporters and promoters, unjustifiably boasting the significance and expected results of these changes, as with the bitter opposers who believed that these changes would destroy the profession, soul or something third.
Although usually in a position of a pioneer and “wind of changes”, in certain aspects of his work and life he was himself reactionary, traditional and opposer of changes. Observing himself and others, learning more from his failures than from this “victories”, listening to knowledge, experience and wisdom of the world experts for change management, he has created his own “recipe” for a successful change management in life, at work and within the society. Recognized and modern theories are intertwined with his view of change management, helping the attendees to ride the waves of changes with the joy on their faces.
He has been actively dealing with the ICT application on a daily basis since the early 1990s. He was the first in Croatia to put the screenings of all of his lectures on the web, to organize and made possible the first distance lecture and offered his students both the exam replies and the systems for the knowledge self-testing.


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