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Introduction to Project Management

If you think about it, all our work is a series of projects - no matter how big or how small. And all of us have customers for whom we provide goods or services, whether inside or outside our organization. So, in a world where we are constantly asked to work faster and smarter, doesn't it make sense to be as well organized as possible?

Specially devised for a fast-learning, one-day format, the course shows you how you can learn to set up, monitor and measure your projects and the people involved in them - completing them on time and on budget - every time.

1 day


Anyone with project and task responsibility can benefit from this course, no matter what their specialization or position. Thousands of managers all over the world have profited from our project management courses and are using the techniques of the project management process every day of their lives.

This course is designed to give you the basic skills that treat every project as a process that has a logical beginning, middle and successful end. You will leave the program fully equipped to apply the techniques of project management to your job immediately.



Modul one

  • What are the techniques of project management? 
  • Why are they so important in work organization and control? 
  • Why do you need them? 
  • What will they do for you and your work colleagues? 
  • What will this do to improve the organization of your work and how you organize others? 

Modul two

  • How do you set project objectives?
    The key to successful project management and the opportunity to avoid costly mistakes. 
  • How do you breakdown the work: who does what, when and why? 
  • How do you organize the project?
    Where is the accountability and ownership, which project member is finally responsible? 
  • How do you schedule the work for the best results?
    How do you check the work in progress? 
  • How do you create a project budget that can measure your success? 
  • How do you get others to "buy-in" and support your project needs?

Modul three

  • How do you assess what you've learned?
  • What have you learned and how can you assess yourself against best practice? 
  • How can you continue to improve you use of the project management process?

Modul four

  • Organizing your next project: an assessment?
  • A rerun over what you've learned today? 
  • Is there more you need to learn? 
  • How do you do that?

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