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Senior Project Management
Best practices & latest trends...advanced concepts & techniques...
complex international projects.

As a senior manager, you are responsible for an increasing number of cross-functional, complex projects. This intensive, interactive, high level program - conceived specially for managers and executives with project or line management experience - will substantially expand your capability, equipping you with a wealth of high-grade, practical information. It will expose you to the most recent concepts, tools, techniques and systems that can be deployed in managing cross-functional teams. This program is emphatically state-of-the-art, addressing important issues and defining solutions.


2 or 3 days


This course is targeted at experienced project managers, interested in learning advanced concepts through a combination of lectures, current examples and exchange of experiences amongst participants from diverse industries and cultural backgrounds. 


This course will help you to: 

  • Share detailed insights into how projects are managed in some of the world's leading companies
  • Develop a holistic approach to project management, taking into account organizational requirements, people, culture and team issues, and business issues
  • Obtain a thorough understanding of advanced project management concepts and their application in complex and international projects
  • Be immersed in real issues and their successful resolutions
  • Learn how to apply bench marking techniques and how to develop positive plans for improvement




Project Planning Systems and Behaviors (the state-of-the-art)

  • Necessary ingredients of a project execution plan
  • The five basic project planning elements
  • Project definition and approval cycles
    Goal: building agreement 
  • Structuring and organizing multiple projects and task teams
    Goal: building accountability
  • Scheduling multiple projects, tasks, and resourcing
    Goal: building communications. 
  • Establishing performance baselines, budgets, and contingencies
    Goal: building control

Workshop: Structuring and Organizing
Participants share their greatest challenges in conducting appropriate planning and control of projects and programs in their companies and suggest solutions to these problems.


Organizational Support of Project Teams

  • Designing the organization for project management
  • New approaches and trends from various industries
  • The influence of different cultures, values, and management styles on organizational effectiveness
  • Using executive management committees, groups, and teams for organizational support

Workshop: Organizational Support
Participants share their organizations' greatest assets and biggest challenges in providing organizational support to cross-functional projects teams and propose solutions to these challenges

Participation: An Assessment of Your Organizational Support
Participants will assess the organizational support to project teams provided by their companies and benchmark their results against research data being gathered by BMC from a wide range of international companies.

Project Control Behaviors

  • The most basic requirements for a company and its projects to be "in control"
  • Project control in a multiproject environment
  • Performance measurement and reporting methods
  • Designing reporting systems

Project Risk Management

  • What do we mean by "risk"? 
  • Risk management in an operational environment
  • How to perform a risk assessment


Project Management as a Management Method 

  • Project teams as building blocks of the company
  • Latest trends in "management by projects" and cross-organizational teams
  • Effects of differences in national, organizational, and personal cultures and values
  • Organizational ingredients for effective project management

Participation: The Assessment Inventory of Project Management
Participants will determine how well they conduct project management.


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