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The Art of Project Management
Our fascination with the tools often obscures the art.

This course is about people who work together in order to fulfill the needs of others. The Art of Project Management® will benefit people who are involved in projects as well as those who support them.


This seminar has specifically been designed for people in such roles as product development, construction, corporate planning, engineering, systems development, research & development, corporate relocation, human resource development, process improvement, facilities and administration. This course will also benefit managers who are using or considering using teams in their company.

This course will help you to: 

  • Structure projects in such a way as to set realistic goals and identify milestones en route
  • Use effective tools for scheduling, which will enable you to run single or parallel projects avoiding both panic and slack time
  • Use resources more efficiently by planning accurately the needs at each stage of the project
  • Implement control systems which help you 'keep on top' of the project and make faster, more effective decisions
  • Build project teams
  • Adjust your management style to the situation
  • Motivate and empower team members
  • Develop effective communication across project teams
  • Manage cross-functional and cross-cultural project teams.

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