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The Executive Role in Creating
a Project-Based Organisation
Keys to creating a flexible, project-based system
of management and organisational culture.

Creating a Project-Based Organisation was developed specifically for top management responsible for managing the transition of the organisation to a project-based system of management, and in response to the growing pressure on senior executives to find ways to make their organisations more efficient, faster and more agile in their highly competitive industries.


This briefing is designed for Senior Executives: 

  • Who are responsible for managing the transition of their organisation or unit to a Project-Based system.
  • Looking for ways to make their organisations faster and more agile


In this briefing you will have the opportunity to explore and discuss: 

  • What is a Project-Based company, and why is it more agile
  • What leading international and global companies are doing to become Project-Based
  • How to develop a Project-Based system and a management culture in your company
  • What are the organisational requirements for sustaining the system and your management role in ensuring effectiveness
  • How to measure your company's project management effectiveness?


Creating a Project-Based Company 

  • What is a project-based company?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages? 



Project Management Systems and Behaviors

  • Organisational requirements for control. 
  • Effects of poor planning on investments. 
  • Examples of the project planning process from leading companies. 
  • Guidelines on how to begin your transition into a project-based company.

Organisational Support and the Project Team

  • What are your organisational requirements for a project-based company? 
  • What is Senior Management's role in establishing and maintaining the project-based company?
  • Examples of how leading companies are doing it

Participation: Assessment of Organizational Support
Participants will assess the organizational support to project teams provided by their companies and benchmark their results against research data being gathered by BMC from a wide range of international companies. 

Project Teams as Building Blocks

  • Human factors within project-based companies. 
  • Examples of career-models from leading project-based companies. 
  • Improving project management through training, assessment of behaviors, and action planning. 

Participation: Assessment Inventory of Project Management
Participants will determine how well they conduct project management.


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