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Basic Knowledge on Project Team Management


The seminar is intended for persons engaged in projects as Project Team members or as Project Managers. For those who have had an opportunity to work on projects this will be a chance to additionally develop their interpersonal skills, to analyze their experiences in a team work and to consider the problems they usually face when working in teams. The attendees that have not worked on projects yet will become acquainted with the team work methods, specific features and basic principles, and will also develop their skills of working with other people.


Upon the end of the seminar, the attendees will understand the team work, they will be aware of various roles taken over by individual persons in teams, role of a Team Managers and their responsibilities, and they will be able to create a Communication Plan for a less complex project.



Not necessary, experience of team work desirable.


Lecture with presentation slides, workshops, group discussions, presentations of attendees.


Presentations slides notes and workshop results.


Two modules – one day.


The seminar is conducted in Croatian.


Introduction to Team Work

  • Human resource planning in a project
  • Projects are conducted in teams

Features of Teams

  • Selection of team staff
  • Team development
  • Team development

Team Roles

  • 8 preferred team roles

Workshop: Self-assessment – First Selection of a Team Role (Belbin)

  • Team responsibilities
  • Experts

Workshop: Team Synergy – Working in groups, the attendees prepare a Plan for a concrete project. By mutual interaction, they become acquainted with various team roles. At the end, there is a comparison of results among teams. Which team has achieved synergy?

Team Development Phases

  • Team Development Phases
  • Experimenting team
  • Consolidating team
  • Mature team

Project Manager

  • Role of a Project Manager
  • Selection of a Project Manager
  • Characteristics of a Project Manager

Project Communication

  • Features
  • Planning of communication and information distribution
  • Reporting on results

Workshop: Creation of a Communication Plan in a Project.

  • Expectations management

Remote Teams




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