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Basic Knowledge on Project Management


The seminar is intended for persons engaged in projects as Project Team members or as Project Managers. For those who have had an opportunity to work on projects this will be a chance to systemize their knowledge and experiences obtained and to consider the problems they usually face when working in teams. The attendees that have not worked on projects yet will become acquainted with the team work methods, basic principles and most frequently used techniques.


Upon the end of the seminar, the attendees will understand the team work, techniques and methods, they will become acquainted with the terminology used in the project work throughout the world and will be able to create a Communication Plan for a less complex project.



Not necessary.


Lecture with presentation slides, workshops, group discussions, presentations of attendees.


Presentation slides notes and workshop results.


Four modules – two days


The seminar is conducted in Croatian.



Introduction to Project Management

  • What is Project Management
  • When and why do we conduct projects
  • Similarities and differences among projects
  • Approaches to Project Management

Project Environment

  • Needs and requirements of the Customer
  • Interest affecting groups
  • Project Team
  • Organizational impacts
  • Project’s life cycle

Project Management Systems

  • Project’s development phases
  • Processes in Project Management
  • Project control mechanisms
  • Project risks

Project Plan Creation

Project Purpose 

  • Definition of project purpose
  • Harmonization of project expectations
  • Creation of Project Charter

Project Objectives

  • Definition of goals according to SMART principle
  • Communication of objectives

Workshop: In smaller groups and via a series of workshops, the attendees will have an opportunity to create an entire Project Plan in phases. In each group, one project will be selected with which the group will work through several modules. At the first workshop, the attendees have the task to define the purpose of the selected project and objectives according to SMART principle.


Project Work Breakdown Structure – WBS

  • Definition of project activities
  • Grouping of activities on the basis of expected results
  • Creation of work structure
  • Creation of optional work structures

Workshop: The attendees will prepare two alternative WBSs on a previously defined project.


Project Dynamics and Deadlines

  • Estimation of activities durations
  • Harmonization of activities order
  • Network planning
  • Gantt chart
  • Milestones

Workshop: In the workgroups on the basis of previously defined objectives and activities structure, the attendees prepare the Project Time and Deadline Plan.


Project Cost Management

  • Cost estimation
  • Budget creation
  • Cost control

Workshop: The attendees create the budget of active projects.

Project Quality Management

  • Quality planning
  • Quality assurance 
  • Quality control 

Efficient Project Management

  • Tracking and control
  • Efficient project management
  • Project communication management
  • Risk management
  • Project procurement

Workshop: The groups present their complete Project Plans.


Projects in Companies and Organizations

  • Project documentation
  • Project organizational support
  • Project organization
  • Standards in project management, international organizations, certificates

Further Recommendations

  • How to introduce the project work and start working in projects
  • Hot to improve the project work



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