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L3A experts and lecturers at your service!


  • You're having problems managing your project?
  • Project team isn't synchronized and the results are weak?
  • You have a feeling project activities aren't occurring efficiently?
  • You are drafting an initial feasibility study for a project which has a lot of stakeholders – how to handle them?
  • You are preparing a feasibility study for a EU project? Need help?
  • An important meeting is ahead of you – how to prepare?
  • You would like to be very well prepared for an important presentation  - you need a neutral opinion and help with the preparation?
  • Your company or project is in urgent need of a good data and document organization and you have no idea where to start from?
  • You are introducing great changes into your company but you are afraid of your employees' reaction? Not sure how to get it started?


 We offer consulting services on the following topics:

  • projects – documentation, planning, managing, leading,…
  • negotiations - negotiation and contracting…
  • changes - encouraging, planning, management, avoiding ...
  • meetings - planning, organizing ...
  • events - planning, organizing
  • presentation - preparation, technique, .ppt…
  • education - when, how and why?
  • e-learning - yes or no? How?
    • for Education
    • the Company
  • information technology - security, infrastructure, planning and implementation


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