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The Fundamentals of Project Management
The tools, techniques and critical people skills for achieving success.



Managers who are involved in working on cross-functional projects or leading multi-disciplinary teams: project managers, new product development managers, project team members, functional managers who deal with project managers, matrix managers, newly assigned project leaders, R & D managers, senior managers considering the implementation of project management.



  • Work more effectively with your boss and your team.
  • Motivate the project team by empowering, where appropriate and recognizing the individual talents of each team member.
  • Manage conflicts of interest so that they do not jeopardize the success of the project.
  • Develop effective communication skills which keep all team members fully informed and encourage feedback from all levels.
  • Successfully manage cross-functional and cross-cultural teams by appreciating and building on the differences in individual, national and organizational culture.


Project management foreknowledge is not necessary, but experience of working on projects is desirable.


Lecture with presentation slides, workshops, group discussions, presentations of attendees.


Presentational slides notes and workshop results.


2 days.


The seminar is conducted in English.


The maximum number of participants is 20.



Project Management Method - The People Side

  • Characteristics of project management - people side
  • Responsibilities, authority, and networks of alliances
  • Understanding power dynamics in teams
  • Organizational relationships and the project team
  • Influences of different national, corporate, and individual cultures and values

The Project Leader/ Manager

  • The basics of leadership
  • A leadership model for continuous improvement

Creating and Building the Project Team

  • Selecting an effective cross-functional project team
  • Team decision-making, delegation, and consensus
  • Effect of culture on team performance
  • Effect of problem-solving style and management style on team performance and creativity
  • Conflicts between project team members, functional managers, and project managers
  • Improving the project manager/ senior management interface

Participation: Determining Your Management Style
Participants will determine their personal problem-solving style and learn techniques to build on their strengths and capitalize on the contrasting strengths of others.

Workshop: A Project Planning Situation
In a project simulation, you will have the opportunity to experience the effects of differing management and problem-solving styles on team performance, communications and productivity.

Communications and Motivation

  • Techniques for improving project communications
  • Getting the most out of meetings
  • Project office and control room
  • Encouraging team participation and involvement
  • Stimulating self-motivation and high-performance
  • Techniques to motivate individual team members
  • Dealing with difficult people and behaviors

Leadership Skills

  • Two dimensions of leadership and effective leadership styles
  • Situational leadership
  • Adapting your management style to the demands of particular situations

Participation: Determining Your Leadership Style
Participants will determine their leadership style and their ability to adapt to the demands of the situation.

Workshop: Determine the Most Appropriate Leadership Style
Working in team, participants will identify the most appropriate leadership styles for various project situations.

Workshop: Project Situations
The final workshop will enable participants to determine how you, as a a project leader, would resolve real life project situations involving a number of inter-related people problems typical of cross-organizational project teams.


Nur Ergüder, PMP
Bob Gibson, PMP
Anthony Eve, PMP, MAPM  
Roberto D. Gavazzi, Principal consultant


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