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L3A total quality

Top level of performance and organization of lectures, seminars and workshops as well as adjustment to clients` needs are the primary goals of Life Long Learning Academy.

By "L3A - Total quality" we guarantee the following:

  • assistance in the process of seminar selection
  • content adjustment for in-house seminars
  • attendee`s influence BEFORE the seminar
  • attendee`s influence DURING the seminar
  • attendee`s influence AFTER the seminar
  • continuous support in the understanding the subject of the seminar
  • additional information
  • UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee


Assistance in the process of seminar selection
L3A will try to come up with an optimal education selection in accordance to the client`s needs. Our recommendations are not limited to the seminars organized by L3A but also refer to other seminars whose content and quality we are familiar with.
In addition, we have prepared an orientational lecture called "How and why to get educated".

Content adjustment for in-house seminars
In-house seminars are tailor-made to meet the client`s needs, at no additional charge. This is not possible for public seminars due to heterogenity of the participants` needs.

Attendee`s influence BEFORE the seminar
While ordering an in-house seminar, clients are encouraged to describe the desired content, types of participants, their expectations, problems they encounter, etc. Our lecturers will try to meet their needs to a possible extent and also give answers to client`s questions.

Attendee`s influence DURING the seminar
All types of education, from orientational lectures to seminars and workshops, are interactive and encourage attendees to participate in discussions through which they can steer and deepen their work in accordance to their needs.

Attendee`s influence AFTER the seminar
After each seminar, participants are asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding their satisfaction with the seminar in general, content, lecturer, materials and organization. Considering the grades, comments and suggestions, our lecturers and L3A will try to make improvements for future seminars where the results are immediately visible.

Continuous support in understanding the subject of the seminar
All participants are able to ask questions regarding the seminar subject (through e-mail ). The answer will be provided as soon as possible.

Additional information
The participants will be given a password for a part of L3A web site with additional information and seminar materials. They will be informed of each new upload.

UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee
L3A guarantees full unconditional repayment for each seminar, lecture or workshop. All you need to do is declare dissatisfaction (in written manner) with the seminar you have participated in and we will give you your money back. We would appreciate a short explanation of your expectations which weren't satisfied as well as all other possible reasons for your disappointment.
Nevertheless, your written statement will be enough, with no additional clarification.



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