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In house seminars and lectures

L3A was founded due to the increasing need for a powerful and high quality education in dynamic Croatian organizations. Although those organizations sometimes use open seminars, the real impact can only be accomplished by systematic prearranged education of hand picked employees and associates. Those needs are usually settled by in-house courses. Their special feature is not only that they are delivered exclusively for the employees that come from one organization (or members of the same team that come from different organizations) but also that they are tailor – made to meet the participants` specific needs and previous knowledge.


  • Customization of existing courses but also finding and creating brand new courses in agreement with the client.
  • A combination of e-learning and classroom seminars or lectures (enhances learning and shortens the time spent outside of workplace)
  • Besides organizing in-house seminars for employees of a certain company, it is possible to organize them for 2 or more partnership companies or companies from a similar branch of activities (the reasons for that could be insufficient number of employees, joint projects, same type of services they provide, etc.)


In a cooperation with its partners, L3A offers consulting and design services for transformation of an organization or its business or production processes. Education is usually affiliated with those changes so L3A actively participates in the designing, performing and monitoring the levels of education of employees, associates and their clients.

Seminar locations:

  • Client`s facilities
  • L3A classroom
  • residentially (if you would like to get away from your working environment, we would be pleased to organize seminars in peaceful Zagorje, undiscovered parts of Slavonia, miraculous Gorski Kotar and Lika or somewhere on beautiful Croatian coast)



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