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E-learning in a company
ICT in life-long education


The seminar is intended to everyone having the need to learn “while working” or to organize the education of others.


To comprehend the ICT’s characteristics from the educational aspect, to notice the benefits and advantages and to recognize the possible benefits in your organization for the long-term education “from the work and while working“.



After the seminar, the attendees will understand the ICT’s basic characteristics, especially from the educational aspect. They will be able to position ICT in education, and education in a wider sphere of knowledge management. They will differentiate types of digital educational materials, learning and methods of long distance teaching and ways of applying the ICT in education. They will know the criteria for the selection of digital materials and necessary conditions for their introduction to the education within an organization.

  • You are not sure what e-learning really means?
  • You think that only a living teacher can really teach someone?
  • You do not know how to use information technology for education in your organization?
  • You think that a book in hand is better than on CD?
  • You know many people who started attending an on-line curse, but have not finish it?


What is necessary is to have the experience of working in an organization, at least a high-school education and basic computer literacy.


In the form of a lecture, it lasts for 90 minutes and consists of a lecture with examples.
In a form of a seminar, it lasts for a day and consists of a series of lectures with examples and discussions.
In a form of a workshop, it lasts for two days and after the lecture each unit is exercised in smaller groups or plenary.


The lecturer’s presentation materials and examples of the ICT application in education are used in lectures. Attendees obtain the presentation materials from the lecture for their use, as well as numerous links to useful examples and referent information.


The seminar is conducted in Croatian


Reasons for ICT application in education

  • Changes within the society
  • ICT and its characteristics
  • Changes in education

Benefits and usage modes of ICT application in education

  • Benefits and ICT application phases
  • Consequences of education to the production
  • ICT applicability by lower education employers
  • Digital course books
  • Distance teaching

Wider picture

  • Knowledge management
  • Education in knowledge management
  • ICT in education

Application procedure

  • Selection of digital materials
  • Connecting with other forms of learning
  • Necessary conditions for ICT introduction



 Predrag Pale has been actively dealing with the ICT application on a daily basis since the early 1990's. From the very beginning of his professional work, he has been designing products and services for the end user and was equally interested in the learning problem from a designer’s, producer’s and end user’s viewpoint. One of the major motives of his intensive work at bringing and developing Internet in the Republic of Croatia was a firm conviction in its invincible consequences for the education. Already for about ten years all of his courses have their web pages with all the materials necessary for the students. He was the first in the Republic of Croatia to put the screenings of all of his lectures on the web, organize and made possible the first distance lecture and offered his students both the exam replies and the systems for the knowledge self-testing. He is also the initiator and coauthor of some of the first on-line courses in Croatia.

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