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Modern education is almost unimaginable without applying information and communication technology and its features: from the most simple presentational techniques through making knowledge available on various web sites to most complicated learning systems.

In formal education, the use of ICT brings numerous advantages for students and teachers: improvement of teaching methods, the administration of the whole system, flexibility of attendance (distance education regardless of time and location), increased choice of educational programs (some universities offer their students a possibility of getting their degree online).

The flexibility and availability of education materials and contents that ICT provides has greatly improved the development of life-long learning. Individuals with very little free time on their hands are now able to gain knowledge and skills without leaving their workplace or the comfort of their home choosing their studying rhythm.


If you would like to introduce and encourage e-learning in your organization and create your own contents for educating your employees, students and users, feel free to contact us. Our vast experience will make your way to a top quality e-learning easier.


Despite the great need for implementing one of types of e-learning, organizations often lack the competence and time needed for starting and realization that kind of project.

L3A is here to help you start, plan, implement, control and completing e-learning projects.


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