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About us

Life Long Learning Academy or a school for life-long learning is intended for individuals and organizations: public, NGOs and industry. For those that wish to acquire new knowledge and skills which will help them in their daily work and life.

The topics covered by L3A include the area of contemporary technologies such as computers and Internet, as well as modern approaches to human work, organization and communication.

Founder`s statement

... what Croatia vitally needs is the quality life-long teaching within the scope of the business management and communications area, as well as within the area of...

The idea behind L3A is to offer its clients the state-of-the-art knowledge through the best world lecturers. These top quality communicators are not only “well grounded” theoreticians, but also professionals with proven track-record of experience and tangible results in real, practical work.

No lecturer has been selected by word of mouth, but by the recommendation of a certain L3A’s based on the personal participation at a lecture or workshop.

L3A strongly believes in the application of new technologies in education expecting that they will liberate both the lecturer and the student of the redundant burden, procedures and limitations, so that they could focus their energy into their interaction creating the supreme experience of learning and mastering new skills.

L3A supports the “academic-industrial partnership” or cooperation of experts from the academia and industry. Therefore the L3A’s lecturers are almost always active workers in both communities or have been active in each community in certain phases of their working life

In addition to world experts, L3A’s programs are also performed by national experts that have proven themselves in the same manner as their foreign colleagues in both their professional areas and teaching, and who have continued with their education and advanced training at home and abroad.

L3A`s program is not “academic” in a negative sense, it is not untouchable or unchangeable. On the contrary, it is intended for the living people who have to specifically benefit from it. Therefore it is changed and adjusted in compliance with the needs, remarks, critique and proposals obtained from its attendants or those who might become ones.

The quality of the program strongly depends on you!


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